Introduction to Honey Mission

Honey Mission: The Beginning Spark in Sweet Revolution.

Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC) with the inspiration of Rastrapita Mahatma Gandhi took the task of development of the beekeeping Industry with a view to uplift the financial status of people living in extremely interior rural areas by introducing and popularizing modern beekeeping.

ANURAS HONEY with KVIC has taken beekeeping on mission mode to help beekeepers and farmers. It has great importance in the agriculture based economy with pollination services, especially oil seeds and pulses production.

Anuras Natural Honey

START-UP Funded under “Stand Up India scheme”

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KVIC is providing beekeeping training and 10 bee boxes with live colonies to beneficiaries including farmers, beekeepers and unemployed youth with an aim to generate livelihood for the beneficiaries and also increase honey production in the country.

Efforts are to bring together the beekeepers, farmers, researchers, government agencies, agribusinesses, conservation groups, manufacturers and regulatory bodies to improve the beekeeping practices in the country, impart skills on beekeeping, supply necessary tools, disseminate technology and information, create awareness on good beekeeping practices, enhance the health of honeybee and use as a potential pollinator for higher crop yield.


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